Residential Lawn Care for Coastal Communities

Keep your garden healthy and well-maintained with our Residential lawn maintenance and care services that include fertilization, weed and pest control, and the health of shrubs and trees.

A proper lawn care program is vital to making your lawn a lush, lush green and dark green. Our gardening services are designed to give you lasting results all season long and keep your garden green and healthy all year round.

Comprehensive Lawn Grooming Services for Lawns

Our gardening services treat your garden all year round to keep it lush, green and healthy. With over 15+ years of experience, our gardening experts know exactly what your Florida garden needs to thrive all year round.

  • fertilization
  • weed control
  • Grass diseases and fungi control
  • Preventing and controlling insects in the garden
  • shrub and tree of health

Composting applications strengthen your garden and provide essential nutrients

Fertilization applications are pivotal to the health and strength of your garden. The right compost provides a healthy dose of essential nutrients your garden needs to thrive and boost its immunity against harmful diseases and pests. We apply a slow-release coated granular fertilizer twice a year in March and October. Our spring application may sometimes be pushed back depending on weather conditions and any remaining frost on your lawn. We then use liquid fertilizer treatments every month in between our granular applications to supplement our lawn and landscape plants.

We follow a routine schedule for all of our fertilizer treatments to keep our lawn and landscape plants healthy year-round:

  • March: sprinkle granular spring fertilizer
  • APRIL: Liquid applications to supplement pre-applied granule treatments
  • May: Plant-focused fertilization
  • June and July: More liquid fertilizer for lawn
  • August: 2nd dose of liquid fertilizer for your plants
  • October: granular fertilizer season

We keep your irrigation systems running smoothly through routine maintenance and repair

Proper watering is key to keeping your lawn healthy and ensuring it gets the right amount of water it needs to grow. That’s why we offer irrigation maintenance and repair services for your garden. Certain types of herbs, such as Zoysia, require frequent and proper watering to prevent them from drying out and turning brown quickly. If left unattended, the grass will turn brown very quickly and become dormant which will slowly kill your lawn. To prevent this, it is absolutely essential to water your garden properly, whether by hand or using watering systems.

Our experts monitor your property’s watering systems and fix any hot spot issues you may have to ensure your garden gets the enough moisture it needs to thrive and sustain itself.

Pre- and post-emergent weed control treatments prevent weed growth and kill any existing weeds

A proper weed control plan is essential to the survival of your garden, as weeds can spread quickly and destroy your lawn and landscape plants. We apply both pre- and post-emergent treatments to prevent weeds from growing in your garden and kill any weeds present. Our pretreatment consists of a potassium-rich blend that strengthens the lawn’s root system and prevents weed growth for the next season. We apply granular application in November, and liquid treatment in February.

To kill any weeds you have or any weeds you may have avoided with our pre-emergent treatments, we also use a post-emergence weed killer every month. Our post-emergence treatments are created with different surfactants to ensure the treatment adheres to each individual lawn in your yard. These surfactants prevent the treatment from washing away the weeds and allow the treatment to travel into the weed’s vascular system and kill it.

Grass and Pests: Treat all weeds, including purple hazel, dollar weed, thistle, stinging nettle, crab grass, clover, dandelion and broadleaf.