Dust-Free Sandblasting Around The World

There is no such thing as the “dustless” or “dust-free” blasting in the surface preparation industry. All the abrasive blasting equipment operating under normal conditions produces dust.

What is Dust-free  Sandblasting?

Dust-free or Dustless blasting is best described as a hybrid method between sandblasting and electro-washing. Dustless blasting involves the use of a light abrasive that combines with water. Dustless sandblasting is gentle enough to use on any surface, including wood.

Dust-free called in French as sablage sans poussière while in Spanish as Chorro de arena sin polvo.

What is the use of dust-free sandblasting?

Dustless blasting uses a light abrasive and a high-energy water stream. Water is beneficial for several reasons. First of all, it removes dust, which is common when sandblasting or soda blasting. All you have to worry about is where the water is going.

  • Second, the use of water is beneficial because it reduces friction.
  • Adding water to the abrasive can reduce temperatures by up to ten degrees.

This is critical for two reasons:

  • They make dustless sandblasting safe enough to use on any surface.
  • Prevents metal from warping.
  • The addition of water is what distinguishes dust-free blasting from sandblasting.

How much does dustless blasting cost?

Dustless blasting is the clear number one winner when it comes to cleaning surfaces.

But what is the cost of blasting without dust?

In general, there is no black and the white answer to this question. Dustless blasting cost depends on:

  • Project size
  • The surface being treated
  • The type of abrasive used

There is no denying that blasting without dust can be a bit more expensive than some of the other options available. But you should keep in mind what you pay for.

First, you pay for efficiency. You can rest assured that you can use the gun without dust on any surface. There is no danger of destroying the bottom surface when doing this. This peace of the mind is worth it.

Second, you pay for convenience. You don’t have to worry about spending time disassembling products so that you can process them one by one. You also don’t have to worry about covering the surrounding area or using a ventilation system.

In addition, dustless blasting is convenient because it is portable. A blaster can come to you without dust, no matter where you are. This makes it easier for you to treat entire surfaces, such as the side of the house.

Finally, you are making a long-term investment. Regular, dust-free blasting treatments can go a long way toward protecting your products and equipment. While other surface cleaners will likely ruin your product, blasting without dust will remove dirt and grime while preserving the underside.


Take a swimming pool, for example. Dustless blasting is an easy option to use in the pool, which helps remove calcium and algae. If left untreated, these substances can pose a health hazard and can also destroy the health of your water. You will end up wasting money trying to get the water back to normal pH levels.

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A better alternative would be to perform a thorough cleaning without dust. This can happen in a day and will make your pool look like new. It is also safe to use with any material in the pool, including mosaic tiles and vinyl. Regular, dustless cleanings can go a long way toward maintaining your equipment.

Hence, it is an investment that anyone should consider making.

What is the use of blasting without dust?

The dustless blasting is primarily used as a surface cleaner. The primary ways you can use dustless blasting include:

  • Calcium removal from the pool
  • remove graffiti
  • Concrete and surface cleaning
  • Vehicles and heavy equipment
  • powder coating and coating removal
  • Wood stripping and restoration
  • Dustless sandblasting is safe to use on any surface, no matter how hard or soft it is.

What are other uses for dustless blasting?

If you’re a business owner looking to make an impression on your customers, you’ll want to try custom engraving. Custom embossing involves using a stencil to print your design onto the chosen surface. Because we use stencils, you can choose anything, from your company logo to the logo. Custom dustless blast engraving looks more professional than painting.